Grand Jury In Ohio Considers Evidence Against Police In Akron Man’s Death

This week, an Ohio grand jury will consider the evidence to determine whether eight police officers should be charged with a crime in connection with the shooting death of Jayland Walker, a Black man, who was killed by the police in Akron last year, sparking a wave of demonstrations.

On June 27, 2022, Mr. Walker, 25, passed away following an attempted traffic stop. The police pursued Mr. Walker, first in cars and then on foot, after he failed to stop.

Officers later claimed that they shot Mr. Walker as he raced away from them because they believed he had fired a weapon from his automobile and they were afraid he would do so again.

The officers shot at Mr. Walker more than 90 times, and it was later discovered that he had more than 60 bullet wounds. He was also unarmed when he was slain.

The grand jury will determine whether or not to file criminal charges against the eight involved officers after hearing testimony and reviewing the available information.

What you should know is as follows.

How Happened To Jayland Walker?

The police claimed that just after midnight on June 27, they attempted to pull over Mr. Walker for a traffic and equipment violation. Mr. Walker has one traffic ticket and no criminal history. Mr. Walker was pursued by the police in their cars for more than seven minutes after he failed to stop.

A popping sound can be heard throughout the chase in the video, and a police officer claims to have heard gunfire coming from Mr. Walker’s vehicle.

Although a shot cannot be seen in the video, the Police Department at a press conference played footage taken outside the vehicle that appeared to show a muzzle flare coming from Mr. Walker’s driver-side door.

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The officers chased Mr. Walker into a nearby parking lot as he exited his car through the front passenger-side door while donning a ski mask.

Before they started shooting, the officers yelled at Mr. Walker while drawing their firearms and made vain attempts to shock him with them. Mr. Walker was shot by the officers and was knocked to the ground.

A revolver had been discovered in Mr. Walker’s vehicle, the police announced at a news conference a few days later. Where they said he had fired, a bullet casing was discovered. According to the police, it was consistent with the firearm they had seized in Mr. Walker’s car.

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