Minnesota College Student Charged With Having Weapons And Ammunition In The Dorm

According to court documents, a student at a private college in Minnesota has been charged with a variety of offenses related to his stash of ammo magazines, knives, and a tactical vest, as well as a hand-drawn map of a location on campus and terrifying shooting instructions.

Waylon Kurts, 20, was detained last Thursday after a janitor at St. Olaf College in Northfield alerted authorities to the discovery of two empty packets for high-capacity magazines that belonged to the student in a trash can outside dorm rooms.

Kurts was accused with organizing a theft, making terroristic threats, and conspiring to commit second-degree assault and threats of violence.

Police discovered a tactical vest, empty boxes for ammo and magazines, a tactical knife, a folding knife, firearm earmuffs, six propane canisters, pyrotechnics, lighter fluid, a battery with wires, and a lock pick set when they searched Kurts’ dorm room on campus, according to the charge papers.

The Star Tribune said that police also seized notebooks with entries that included a meticulous plan to take ammo from a Walmart, police radio frequencies, and a hand-drawn map of a campus leisure center.

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The allegations claimed that the map had an arrow designating a line of travel and an apparent exit.

A criminal complaint stated that a search of Kurts’ phone revealed he texted someone about purchasing guns from unregistered vendors in addition to the things seized in his room and vehicle.

Kurts also texted images of a crate containing rifle magazines that was lying on a college bench along with the caption, “Kids’ve got no idea whats in here, haha.”

According to the complaint, notes discovered in Kurts’ car allegedly stated that “the average door takes 2.5 kicks” and that “combat is much faster and closer than you think.”

According to the station KARE11, a notebook retrieved from the automobile had training instructions for where to shoot a person on their body.

The author of the notes used a slang phrase for the area where a person’s nose meets their forehead to make a “T” shape: “One shot to the T-box equals death instantly.”

The notebook also had a section labeled “Things to be Good at,” which said, “Shoot a person in 3 areas: Upper thorasic [sic], T-zone on face, Pelvis is a good target.”

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