Is King George G@y in Queen Charlotte: How Was His Relationship With Queen In The Series?

The monarch’s continued estrangement from his wife during the spin-off series has many fans wondering about his s*xual orientation. So, is King George g@y in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story?

Audiences have been attracted by Bridgerton and the most recent spin-off series. Prequel Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story promises even more historically significant drama going forward.

The drama explores the beginnings of numerous well-known characters from the original series as it follows Queen Charlotte and her devoted entourage.

When her purportedly charming and attentive husband declines to spend their wedding night with her, Queen Charlotte starts to doubt George. The monarch even declines to live with his wife in the same house, preferring to keep them apart as much as possible.

Is King George G@y in Queen Charlotte

Given this, it’s understandable why viewers have questioned George’s purported concealment.

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Is King George G@y in Queen Charlotte?

No, is the response. King George in the Bridgerton series is not a g@y, despite popular perception. The king tells his right-hand man Reynolds that he loves his wife Queen Charlotte dearly. George fell in love at first sight.

The reason George gives for being cold and distant with his wife is that he does not want Charlotte to see him ill. He struggled with mental illness and had breakdowns and manic episodes. He decides to keep this secret from his wife for as long as possible.

A tweet from a fan of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story about the chemistry of King And Queen in the series.

The couple develops a steady, passionate romance, and as Charlotte’s presence strengthens the king’s mental state, so does their marriage. But until Elizabeth gets pregnant and George suffers a manic episode, the queen is oblivious of George’s illness.

When the truth is exposed, Queen Charlotte makes the decision to stick by her husband’s side, dedicated and prepared to help him.

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