‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Josh Seiter Passes Away at 36

In a devastating turn of events, Josh Seiter, a familiar face from season 11 of “The Bachelorette,” has left us at the age of 36. The news comes as a heavy blow, with an official post on his Instagram page confirming the unexpected loss and sharing the deep sorrow that his departure has brought. Described as a radiant beacon in a world that sometimes feels dimmer each day, Josh’s bright spirit touched the lives of many.

The poignant statement posted on his Instagram reads, “It is with an extremely heavy heart that we share the tragic news of Joshua’s unexpected passing.” It goes on to express the sentiment held by those who knew him closely, highlighting his remarkable ability to shine even in the darkest corners of life.

The post also acknowledges the solace found in knowing that Josh has finally found peace. Though the cause of his passing remains undisclosed, the statement ends on a compassionate note, urging anyone grappling with a mental health crisis to reach out for help through the 988 SMS Lifeline, a resource offering free and confidential support to those in distress.

josh seiter death

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Josh Seiter had been an open book about his mental health struggles on social media, allowing a glimpse into his journey. In June, he shared a triumphant post commemorating three years and eight months of sobriety, a testament to his strength and determination.

July saw Josh Seiter unveiling another layer of his past, revealing, “When I was 21 I was completely catatonic and committed to a psychiatric ward. When I was 22 I tried taking my own life. At 23 I underwent electroshock therapy.” His journey to recovery continued as he disclosed how he harnessed his inner fortitude to apply to law school at 23, and by 25, he had graduated top of his class. His transformation continued, with him becoming a prominent mental health advocate online and a leading creator on OF (likely referring to OnlyFans).

As he neared 36, Josh reflected on the incredible trajectory of his life, sharing, “At almost 36, life is pretty dang near perfect. Never, ever give up. Your story isn’t written yet. Every chapter is leading to a more perfect ending. I promise.”

The legacy of Josh Seiter, a resilient soul who openly battled his demons and emerged victorious, is sure to live on. His words, his experiences, and the light he brought to others’ lives will remain etched in the memories of those who knew him and those who were touched by his story.

As his Instagram post aptly puts it, “We hope and pray that his spirit can continue to live on in the pictures and words on this page.” It’s a bittersweet farewell to a fighter who overcame immense odds, reminding us all that every chapter of our lives contributes to the masterpiece of our existence.

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