Mom Of The Missing 6-year-old Boy In North Texas Revealed To A Relative That She Sold Him

While the search for a missing kid in North Texas goes on, new information about the case is coming to light thanks to a search warrant, including an examination into a family member’s claim that the 6-year-old may have been sold.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez has not been seen since March 20, 2023, when police in Everman, Texas, received a report from Child Protective Services (CPS). The boy was apparently last seen in the backyard of a house where Noel, his mother, his stepfather, and six siblings resided.

According to investigators, other family members claimed they hadn’t seen Noel since November.

Police discovered the child’s mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, stepfather, and siblings had taken a flight to Turkey on March 23 and may have continued to India after that. This information was discovered days after doing a welfare check at the home. Police claim that Noel wasn’t aboard the plane.

Noel received an Amber Alert on March 25. The warning was upgraded to a report of a missing person in danger a day later.

According to a search request for the home where the youngster and his family resided, authorities got in touch with Cindy Rodriguez-family Singh’s throughout the course of their inquiry.

Rodriguez-brother Singh’s reportedly informed police that she told their mother that she sold Noel to an unidentified woman at a Fiesta Mart, according to the search warrant obtained by WFAA. The brother claimed Rodriguez-Singh advised against contacting the unidentified woman out of concern that Noel’s mother might be reported to CPS, according to the warrant.

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According to Everman police, there is no proof that the youngster was sold, as stated to WFAA.

“We’ve been looking into that accusation because we’ve taken it extremely seriously. The other factor to take into account is that throughout the course of the month, there have been numerous rumors about Noel’s whereabouts “Craig Spencer, the chief of Everman police, told WFAA.

Initially, according to police, when they got in touch with Rodriguez-Singh on March 20 to check on her welfare, she informed them that the 6-year-old was in Mexico with his biological father.

Police were informed by CPS detectives that they had located Noel’s father, who had been deported to Mexico before his birth. According to police, the father said he had never met the youngster, and CPS inspectors found that his claims were accurate.

Rodriguez-brother Singh’s included information regarding a visit Noel and his mother made to his home approximately a year ago in the warrant.

Rodriguez-Singh allegedly instructed her brother not to give Noel any water “because she did not want to clean up after him if he had a dirty diaper,” according to the search warrant. But, according to the warrant, the brother’s wife gave him water.

The warrant claimed that when Rodriguez-Singh learned of it, she reportedly hit Noel in a different room of the house with her car keys. Police were informed by the mother’s brother that he had not seen them since.

Police said on March 31 that they would not return to the home where Noel and his family resided until there was fresh evidence. This was after searching the house and speaking with the owner.

The home, any documents, any technological devices left behind, as well as cellphone and car geodata, are all being examined, according to Spencer. “We are really doing everything we can.”

For the missing boy, renewed endangered missing person reports have been filed.

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