Mother Speaks To Her Teenage Son Who Died In An Accident Near Westlake High School In Thousand Oaks In Her Final Words

“My daughter Hannah calls and introduces herself. He was unresponsive following an accident, and CPR was performed all the way to the hospital, according to Kelly Welling. “He passed right there. By some miracle, neither could have been my daughter, who was standing right next to him.

Hannah, Wesley’s sister, claimed that she heard a car slipping and that everything happened quickly.

Kelly stated, “I’m simply worried about his sister because she saw the accident. “I just can’t accept that it’s true. He’s supposed to descend the stairs, and I’m expecting to still hear his voice.

The crash injured three of Wesley’s classmates, and the authorities think the driver may have deliberately hit the victims.

At the scene of the crash, an improvised memorial honoring Wesley was built using flowers and candles. Wednesday morning, as they were on their way to class, students paused to pay their respects. A bus stop shelter nearby needed repairs after being harmed in the intense collision.

One of the three people who survived was Olivia Ludwig’s friend, who is still in the hospital.

She underwent surgery Friday night to fix her shattered femur, according to Ludwig, who spoke to ABC7. “She is already standing and is doing fine, but there is a possibility that she will require a wheelchair for eight weeks.

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She has so much going for her, and I’m just disappointed to have to watch it all disappear as a result of this.

Austin Eis was recognized as the crash’s suspect. Thirteen miles away from the crash site, according to the authorities, the 24-year-old started a crime spree. Eis, a former Westlake High School student, is accused of stabbing a Walmart employee in Simi Valley.

Eis then traveled to his parents’ Camarillo residence, where a dispute resulted in the calling of the police. The crash in Thousand Oaks followed that occurrence.

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