Woman Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison For Attempting To Murder Her Doppelganger With Poisoned Cheesecake

Viktoria Nasyrova brought cheesecake to the home of a fellow Russian-speaking woman in the Forest Hills neighborhood of New York City in the late summer.

In addition to speaking the same language, Olga Tsvyk and Nasyrova were of a similar age, had dark hair, and skin tones. Nasyrova was about 40 and Olga Tsvyk was 35.

Tsvyk went to lie down shortly after finishing the dessert because he started to feel sick. According to the Queens District Attorney’s Office, she last remembers seeing Nasyrova walking inside her room before going unconscious.

The following day, Tsvyk was discovered by a friend unconscious in bed with pills all over her body, as if she had attempted suicide, according to the prosecution.

According to the prosecution, the woman didn’t realize her valuables and papers, which included her passport, work authorization card, and gold ring, were missing until she got home from the hospital.

According to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz, “She laced a slice of cheesecake with a deadly drug so she could steal her unsuspecting victim’s most valuable possession, her identity.”


Prosecutors claimed that after police studied cheesecake leftovers found in a container at the residence, they concluded that the dessert had been spiked with the highly strong sedative phenazepam.

As National Look-Alike Day approached on Wednesday, Nasyrova was found guilty by a jury of multiple offenses, including attempted murder, assault, and theft. As a result, a judge sentenced her to 21 years in jail. Additionally, he mandated post-release surveillance for five years.

Katz characterized Nasyrova as a “ruthless and cunning con artist” who attempted to “murder her way to personal profit and gain” after the sentencing.

Fortunately, the victim lived through the attempt on her life, and we were able to serve the victim with justice, Katz added.

Jose L. Nieves, Nasyrova’s attorney, announced through email that an appeal had been lodged against the decision and punishment. He called the 21-year term imposed on his Russian-born client “excessive and inappropriate.”

It’s not the first time a case has been made against someone who allegedly intended to murder their lookalike. In January, German police and prosecutors said they thought a young woman had murdered another woman to whom she had a striking likeness while attempting to fake her own death.

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