Robert De Niro’s Girlfriend: Has He Welcomed A Newborn Recently?

Who Is the Girlfriend of Robert De Niro? Keep reading to the end of the article to find out Robert De Niro’s girlfriend’s identity.

Robert De Niro’s Girlfriend

Tiffany is a martial arts instructor. She is the daughter of renowned martial artist William C. C. Chen. She mentioned how her father played a significant role in her career and served as one of her main sources of inspiration.

Tiffany said in an interview with Taiji Forum in 2011:

“My parents have taught me to be strong and confident in whatever I choose to do, I finally realized how fortunate I am to have such an accomplished man as my father who is able and willing to share his knowledge. My advantage is that I happen to follow in my father’s footsteps. My advantage is that I have a father who is honest and famous for it.”

Robert has been seen here and about with his girlfriend over the previous few years, but they have mostly kept their romance private.

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Newborn Welcomed By Robert De Niro

While promoting his film About My Father, the Academy Award winner shocked everyone when he revealed the birth of their first child.

Newborn Welcomed By Robert De Niro

“I don’t mind. When he became a father for the seventh time, he told Extra that he was “fine with it” and that parenting “never gets easier.”

Kim Cattrall, who starred alongside Robert in the film About My Father, was overjoyed to finally meet Tiffany and learn that they were expecting a child.

“May God keep him. Tiffany, his girlfriend, is a stunning woman, Kim said to Extra. She was lovely and sweet, and I’m delighted for them both.”

The infant baby’s name was revealed a few days after it was announced that the De Niro family had expanded. On the May 11 CBS Mornings broadcast, Gayle King unveiled the first image of Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro, the daughter of Robert and Tiffany.

The girl was born on April 6, the reporter added. The six older children he has from past relationships, Raphael, Julian, Aaron, Elliot, and Helen, are Robert’s offspring.

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