Who Is Luke Eisner Girlfriend Kirby Johnson: How Did They Meet?

Musician, actor, and model Luke Eisner is most known for his role in the 2019 Netflix original movie Tall Girl. In the movie, he also played Stig, an international student from Sweden. Taylor was portrayed by Luke in Timeline and Netflix movies.

Luke got his start in the business as a model as well. He has produced commercials for well-known companies including Calvin Klein, American Eagle, Revolve, H&M, and others.

Luke Eisner’s portrayal as Stig Mohlin in Tall Girl touched many people. Fans are curious in Luke Eisner’s girlfriend Kirby Johnson. Find out by continuing to read!

Who Is Luke Eisner Girlfriend Kirby Johnson?

Luke Eisner is a young promising actor who is d@ting the lovely Kirby Johnson. Because she is d@ting Luke, American actress Kirby seems to be getting a lot of attention. Since 2018, the pair has been d@ting.

On social media, the two are well-known, and they routinely cross-post. They also form a cute couple, and it’s fun to look at pictures of them together. It seems as though the couple has a solid bond and is madly in love.

The latest instagram post of Luke Eisner with his girlfriend Kirby Johnson.

Likewise, it seems that the couple routinely hangs out and enjoys themselves while holding hands. Kirby’s Reels frequently features Luke. She constantly states in her reels that he is “prettier than her.”

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They seem to be in a committed and loving relationship based on their posts. Luke has expressed his desire to wed her on numerous occasions. The possibility of the couple getting married exists. But for now, he wants to hone his acting abilities.

How Did Luke Eisner And Kirby Johnson Meet?

Before becoming famous, Kirby and the actor were friends, and she claimed that when the actor asked her to be his girlfriend, she was relieved since she thought he had friend-zoned her.

Since they were once neighbors, according to Kirby, the couple initially met in an elevator at an apartment. She continued by saying that she enjoyed the actor’s smile.

How Did Luke Eisner And Kirby Johnson Meet?

Kirby was the first to reveal their relationship on Twitter on May 14, 2019. At Pizza Place, Eisner and Kirby had their first encounter. The actress pretended she wasn’t hungry in order to avoid upsetting her new partner because she abhors cheese.

Luke considers the actress to be one of the best companions while he is stuck in traffic, out on a stroll, or in a queue. In order to adorn her partner’s cowboy hat, the actress offered one of her favorite collections of feathers in March 2019.

She did this to let Luke know how much he meant to her. The actress previously went to Summerfest to show her boyfriend support. Because of his music, Eisner has demonstrated his skill in his field to a large audience.

His musical career is thriving, and he is frequently asked to play at various occasions. His biggest supporter is always there for him, as she demonstrated when she went behind the scenes at the 2019 Summerfest.

The pair went to New York Fashion Week in 2019 as well, and it’s important to note that they have a YouTube channel where they posted a behind-the-scenes vlog.

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