Ryan Cohen Net Worth: How Much Shares Of GameStop Does He Own?

Ryan Cohen Net Worth will be discussed in this article. American businessman and entrepreneur Ryan Cohen is famous in many fields. To know about Ryan Cohen Net Worth, continue reading the next paragraph.

Ryan Cohen Net Worth

Ryan Cohen Net Worth is $1 Billion currently. American businessman and entrepreneur Ryan Cohen made his first significant fortune as the co-founder and former CEO of the online retailer Chewy, which PetSmart purchased in 2017 for $3.35 billion. As MrChewy, the business was established in 2011.

Before ultimately receiving $15 million in funding from Volition Capital in 2013, Ryan and Michael had been turned down by over 100 venture capital firms. Chewy raised $230 million in 2016. The company became the biggest online pet retailer in the same year, with revenues of $900 million.

Chewy raised a another $350 million in 2017. It was the biggest e-commerce deal in history when PetSmart bought it. Ryan served as the CEO until his resignation in 2018. It went public in June 2019 and experienced a first-day increase of 71%. It had a $22 price tag, debuted at $36 before falling to $34.99, with a $8.7 billion market worth.

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Ryan’s extraordinary investing success/strategy with GameStop helped him become well-known. Ryan said in August 2020 that he had spent $76 million on 9 million shares of game retailer GameStop. That amounted to 10% of the outstanding shares of the corporation and implied an average price per share of $8.

GameStop stock experienced a notorious run in January 2021, which caused the price to skyrocket. The cost per share at one point reached $480. Ryan’s 9 million shares were worth $4.3 billion at that point.

PetSmart Purchased Chewy

2017 saw the largest e-commerce transaction in history when PetSmart paid $3.35 billion to acquire Chewy. Following the acquisition, Cohen continued to be associated with the business by joining the board of directors. He did, however, resign from his post in 2018 and sold the majority of his firm stock.

GameStop Shares Of Ryan Cohen

In 2020, Cohen started purchasing shares of GameStop, a struggling retailer of video games, and he later joined the company as an activist investor. He recognized an opportunity to change GameStop into a digital-first retailer by upending the established retail paradigm.

GameStop Shares Of Ryan Cohen

The media and the investing community were interested in him because of his connection with the company and his attempts to reshuffle the board of directors. Early in 2021, a number of individual investors—many of them were from the Reddit community r/WallStreetBets—started purchasing substantial quantities of GameStop shares, which caused the stock price to soar.

Currently, Ryan owns almost 12% of the outstanding shares of GameStop. These shares have fluctuated in value recently between $500 million and $800 million.

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