What Was Sean Taylor Cause of Death? What Happened to Sean Taylor?

One of the most tragic tales in National Football League annals centers on Sean Taylor. Taylor, a defensive back for the Redskins, made it to the Pro Bowl in the 2000s. He was regarded as the top high school athlete in 2001 before enrolling at the University of Miami.

Because of its proximity to his childhood home, he opted to play for Miami. Taylor, who had a stellar collegiate career, was drafted in the top five of the 2004 NFL season.

In 2007, when Taylor had excellent numbers and everyone was praising his work ethic and newfound maturity, he was on the fast track to success. But then, later that year, disaster struck.

Sean Taylor Cause of Death

n Nov. 26, 2007, a group of attackers entered the Florida home of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor while he, his fiancée, Jackie Garcia, and their 18-month-old child slept. Taylor urged Garcia to hide while he went and got a machete when the commotion woke them up. One of them shot him and ran, unfortunately.

In an emergency, Taylor was taken to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. A femoral artery had been damaged by the bullet, and he was rapidly losing blood. After hours of surgery while Taylor remained comatose, he died before he could speak to detectives and help catch his killer.

The four intruders were quickly apprehended by police, but his killer, Eric Rivera, remained on the run for another seven years.

What Happened to Sean Taylor?

What Happened to Sean Taylor

In the preseason of his fourth year with the Redskins, Taylor went down with a knee injury. Of course, he still went on trips with the team, so he wasn’t in Florida on the day it happened (November 18).

The intruder entered the home, searched through some drawers and a safe, and then abandoned a kitchen knife on the bed, according to a report in the Miami Herald. Other than that, the episode passed without any fuss or notice.

A week later, however, the team’s schedule took them to Tampa, and Taylor, still unable to play, chose to spend some time at his Palmetto Bay house with his girlfriend and child while waiting to obtain a second opinion on his knee. The group of burglars who chose to target Taylor’s house were unlucky in that they were unaware that Taylor was planning to be there that night.

The location of the shooting at Sean Taylor’s home in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Taylor and Garcia were awakened at 1:30 a.m. on November 26 by a commotion in their house. Taylor’s lawyer, Richard Sharpstein, said that his client urged his wife to hide under the bed before locking the door and getting a machete from under the mattress.

In spite of what Garcia had informed Sharpstein, she did hear “a lot of noise that she related to more than one person,” as the former claimed. It appeared that there was a great deal of bustle.

The door to their bedroom suddenly opened, guns rang out, and Taylor collapsed on the floor, bleeding from his crotch, before they could figure out what had happened. After firing two rounds, one of which wounded Taylor and the other the wall, the assailant turned and ran out of the room.

No items were taken, Sharpstein emphasized. “I don’t think this was a murder or a hit,” I said. The fact that only two rounds were fired at random indicates that it was not professionally done.

Origins of NFL Star Sean Taylor

Taylor’s first few seasons in the NFL were marked by his perceived immaturity. Some of the criticism he got was justified. He abandoned the rookie symposium in 2004 and earned a $25,000 fine, was ejected from a playoff game with Washington after spitting on an opponent, and was penalized by the league seven times between 2004 and 2006.

Taylor was also well-known for being a strong hitter, with maybe his most infamous blow coming at the 2006 Pro Bowl. After the AFC team ran a fake punt, the safety-level punter Brian Moorman.

The Pro Bowl is primarily an exhibition, so bear that in mind. Taylor’s huge hit on the punter was viewed as immature by some. Some saw it as a sign of a player who always gives his all on the field, but others saw something different.

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