Texas All-star Cheerleader Is Recovering After Being Shot Just Days Before Her Final World Championship

After being wounded in Elgin, a Texas high school cheerleader is making a full recovery in the hospital. This occurs right before the world’s largest All-Star Cheerleading competition.

The cheerleader was meant to have a big weekend, according to those close to her, but a terrible act of violence has prevented her from taking part.

Payton Washington of Stony Point High School and her three teammates were leaving Woodlands Elite in the Woodlands after an out-of-town cheer session on Monday, April 17. They had abandoned their vehicles in the H-E-B parking lot on East 290 in Elgin.

One of the cheerleaders accidentally tried to get into the wrong car, realized what she had done, and turned to walk away to her actual car, a source close to the inquiry told FOX 7.

A gun was in the other car, and Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr., 25, shot the girls many times. For all four of those girls, it was a terrifying night, according to Lynne Shearer, owner of Woodlands Elite Cheer.

One cheerleader received treatment right away and was then let go. Payton is in the ICU after being evacuated to a nearby hospital. She will heal, as her family and friends have no doubt.

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She was literally born with one lung, so Shearer stated that from the moment she was a baby, she wasn’t even supposed to survive, much less succeed in athletics. As a result, Shearer added, she has already surpassed many expectations.

Payton was one of the strongest athletes to ever pass through Shearer’s gym, according to Shearer.

She is a genuine icon in the all-star cheerleader community. She has so many young children looking up to her, not just in our gym but actually all around the country, Shearer said.

Payton was expected to have a strong weekend because it was her final All-Star Cheerleader World Championships.

Shearer added, “She’s won every All-Star cheerleader award there is to win except for a world title, so that makes this really devastating for her.

Payton’s sports career is still active, nevertheless. She’s already committed to competing for the Baylor Tumbling and Acrobatics team in the autumn.

We were overjoyed when she signed, even though she did it as a junior and early.

Felecia Mulkey, head coach of Baylor’s acrobatics and tumbling, said:

“If you know Payton, you already know that she is a strong young woman. She will succeed in getting through this, I’m sure of it. She is a member of our Baylor family because she is not only a fantastic athlete but also a better person. Since I am aware that emotional wounds may sometimes leave scars, my prayers are with Payton and her teammates who were involved in the horrible incident last night. In this trying time, we wish to support the athletes and their families. We are proud of Payton and wish her a speedy recovery.”

Regarding this weekend’s global championships.

I’m not sure what we’re going to place on the floor, but Shearer assured that everyone present would be vying for her attention. A GoFundMe has been created to assist with Payton’s medical expenses.

April 18 saw the arrest of Rodriguez. After the shooting, according to Elgin police, he departed the H-E-B parking lot, and officers searched all night for him.

Additional charges could be brought against him in addition to the deadly conduct charge.

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