Texas Man Is Jailed For A 45-minute Crime Spree That Included A Bank Heist And A Restaurant Homicide

A Corpus Christi man who admitted to stealing a bank, shooting another person during a criminal spree, and killing a coworker at a P.F. Chang’s restaurant was given a prison term.

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Anthony Dwayne Carrington, 43, was sentenced on Wednesday to 51 months in federal prison for robbery and 84 months for the firearms counts. Five years of supervised release will come after his more than 11-year prison sentence.

According to a press release, Carrington went on a 45-minute rampage on August 8 during which he committed “very significant and dangerous” charges, including robbing the American Bank – Corpus Christi South branch on South Padre Island Drive.

According to the press release, Carrington approached the teller while brandishing a firearm, pointed it at the worker, and demanded all of the cash from the drawer. The teller turned over the cash after he instructed the staff not to sound the alarm.

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Authorities claim that within 45 minutes of the heist, Carrington shot and wounded a person at a private home then shot and murdered a man at the P.F. Chang’s restaurant where he worked.

Later that day, when police pulled Carrington up for a traffic stop, he was captured. Police claimed that he dumped the rifle, but it was eventually discovered in a grassy area.

On January 4, he entered a guilty plea to each allegation.

The case was looked into by the FBI and Corpus Christi Police Department.

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