The Suspect Who Reportedly Shot The Neighbor’s Parents And A 6-year-old Child In North Carolina Has Been Found In Florida

According to Gaston County, North Carolina, spokesperson Adam J. Gaub, Robert Louis Singletary, the suspect suspected of shooting a 6-year-old neighbor and her parents in North Carolina after a basketball rolled into his yard, was captured and is being held in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Singletary, 24, was apprehended on Thursday afternoon, according to jail records, putting an end to a manhunt during which police had described the suspect as armed and dangerous.

A Gaston County news release stated that the suspect handed himself in to the police. He was processed by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office without any identification on him, and just before 7 o’clock in the evening, his identity was established.

A hearing on his extradition is planned for this Friday.

Several of the neighbors said that the altercation started on Tuesday when Singletary screamed at the children who went to recover a basketball that had rolled into his yard.

According to three neighbors, after one of the children informed his father, the father went to Singletary’s home and stated something to the effect of “stop cussing my kid out, if you got a problem come to me and we can work it out.”

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The neighbors claimed that Singletary then entered the house, returned with a rifle, and started firing at them, injuring a 6-year-old child as well as her parents.

Neighbor Jonathan Robertson told CNN affiliate WBTV, “We never expected anyone would break out a gun amongst all those kids.” “I mean, that was insane.”

Kinsley, a 6-year-old child, claimed to have been struck on the cheek and explained what she saw to WBTV.

He shot her father in the back because she was unable to enter in time, she claimed.

Doctors retrieved bullet fragments from the girl’s cheek, according to her mother Ashley Hilderbrand, who also observed that a bullet grazed her own elbow. She claimed that her family was outside grilling and her daughter was riding her bike; they had nothing to do with the basketball game.

When CNN approached Hilderbrand for comment on Thursday night, Hilderbrand was informed of the suspect’s arrest. She texted that she was happy and couldn’t “believe he made it all the way to Florida.”

Due to the ongoing investigation, police declined to comment on what caused the shooting on Tuesday night in Gastonia.

A 16-year-old rang the wrong doorbell in Kansas City, a 20-year-old turned into the wrong driveway in New York, and two teenage cheerleaders inadvertently approached someone else’s car in a Texas grocery store parking lot, among other cases where young people were shot after making simple mistakes.

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