Tuesday Is Expected To Bring Another Round Of Severe Weather From Texas To Illinois

The nation’s towns are only a few days away from another round of catastrophic weather as they work to recover from a devastating storm system that left at least 32 dead in seven states on Sunday.

Another storm system is anticipated to form on Tuesday, forecasters said, following the destructive tornadoes and powerful storms that tore across sections of the South, Midwest, and East on Friday and Saturday.

The next one may potentially bring “a few powerful tornadoes,” massive hail, and damaging wind gusts from Texas to Illinois, according to the Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Service.

On Tuesday, two regions are of particular concern: one covers a large portion of northern Missouri, southeast Iowa, and much of Illinois, while the other runs from northeast Texas through Arkansas and into southern Missouri.

The center reported that in these areas, home to more than 18 million people, the danger of severe weather was “increased,” the third-highest category on a five-level risk scale.

The threats posed by the storms on Tuesday may be comparable to those posed by the storm system that tore through many of the same states on Friday and Saturday, according to meteorologist Marc Chenard of the National Weather Service.

Again, according to Mr. Chenard, there will be a chance for a few organized thunderstorm clusters that could bring about powerful tornadoes and devastating winds.

Similar to Friday’s storm system, Tuesday’s forecast maps show higher probabilities for severe weather concentrated in parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

No two storm systems will be exactly alike, but the setting is fairly comparable because of how the entire system is developing, according to Mr. Chenard, who also noted that the forecast could alter.

Forecasters in Texas were keeping an eye out for the chance of severe weather on Sunday over a region of the state that includes the Dallas area before Tuesday’s storm system.

Just before 6 o’clock, according to the National Weather Service, a tornado was seen. Near Thornton, a community about 40 miles east of Waco, Texas, in Central Daylight Time.

After earlier watches in Oklahoma had ended, several of counties in Texas and Louisiana were under tornado warnings or watches on Sunday night.

Theme park Six Flags Over Texas, which is adjacent to Arlington, announced its closure due to bad weather. According to poweroutage.us, around 17,000 customers were without power on Sunday night in Arkansas and 14,500 customers were without power in Texas.

The Storm Prediction Center tweeted that “all severe risks are feasible,” adding that “a strong tornado or two,” huge hail, and wind gusts of up to 75 mph were also conceivable.

Tornadoes can occur at any time of the year, although historically, the spring is when they most frequently occur in most states. Even so, it is unusual for cities to see one really harmful storm system followed a few days later by another.

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Just a week ago, a violent storm system that tore across sections of the South killed at least 26 people and completely flattened Rolling Fork, Miss., brought on the severe weather of the last two days.

Even if it’s not necessarily typical for potentially more expensive events to coincide, Mr. Chenard noted that this time of year is when it can happen.

The storm system that began on Friday continued racing east on Saturday, wreaking havoc on at least seven states while creating strong winds and torrential rain that forced temporary ground halt at airports in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.

The National Weather Service announced on Sunday that it would send out storm survey teams to investigate damage there and in other areas of New Jersey after videos of a suspected tornado that may have occurred on Saturday in Howell Township, New Jersey, went viral online.

On Sunday, survey teams determined that a tornado had occurred close to Jackson Township, New Jersey.

More than 300 complaints of severe winds were sent to the Weather Service on Saturday, including one in Sussex County, Delaware, where the Weather Service said a tornado had slammed the area on Saturday and where authorities reported one person had died in a building collapse.

Although the storm system from this weekend had dissipated and traveled into the Atlantic Ocean by Sunday, some states were still struggling with the effects of the extreme weather.

The disaster declaration, which would provide federal assistance for recovery operations, was approved by President Biden on Sunday for three counties in Arkansas.

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