Two Parents Were Given Probationary Sentences In Connection With An Underage Drinking Indictment

Following an investigation into underage drinking the night of a fatal DUI accident in Boulder, two parents who had been indicted by a grand jury for providing alcohol to minors have entered plea deals.

According to a statement from the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, Todd and Charlene Hoffman each received a year of probation and a $750 fine after entering guilty pleas to permitting the sale of alcohol to a minor.

Todd Hoffman must perform 100 hours of community service, and Charlene Hoffman must complete 200 hours. These hours must be spent avoiding underage drinking and driving and assisting the Boulder High and Fairview High sober “After Prom” in 2023. A Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim impact panel will also be required of both.

The Hoffmans’ lawyer, Jon Banashek, issued a statement on their behalf saying, “Todd and Charlene Hoffman are deeply remorseful for the events that occurred on April 9, 2022. “They hope that after this terrible tragedy, the families of Gregoria Morales Rameriz, Ori Tsioni, and Diana Spencer can eventually heal and find peace.”

Following an investigation into a fatal collision in 2022 in which a young driver killed Tsioni, 33, and Morales Ramirez, 49, while driving the wrong way down Foothills Parkway, and seriously injured Spencer, five parents, two businesses, and a Boulder liquor store were all charged.

Natalie Hill, the driver, entered a plea of guilty to several offenses, including vehicular homicide and vehicular assault, and was given three years of probation and nine months of work release.

Five parents were charged following a grand jury inquiry into the crash’s night: the Hoffmans, Elise Miller, Pam and Mark Sunderland, and the Sunderland couple.

At a party Miller hosted, who is accused of serving alcohol to underage drinkers, Hill was drinking alongside a number of other Boulder High students, according to the indictment and a current civil lawsuit.

Hill joined the other students as they boarded a party bus to continue their drinking. Hill and the students went to the Sunderlands’ house after the prom, when Hill apparently went in search of more booze and caused the deadly accident.

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According to reports, the Hoffmans, who are also the parents of a Boulder High School student, threw a different pre-prom party that same night.

The indictments state that although the Hoffmans placed a sign on the kitchen’s little fridge that read “for adults only,” neither the restrictions were actively observed nor were they aggressively enforced. The booze for guests was there.

A number of teenagers brought their own beer, alcoholic seltzers, and whiskey to the celebration. According to the investigation, Todd and Charlene Hoffman were both there when the teens consumed alcohol, and the couple was known for letting minors consume alcohol at their house.

Miller was already given a one-year deferred judgment and 100 hours of community service after entering a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of giving alcohol to minors.

The Sunderlands are still facing legal action. Additionally charged were two companies, the party bus driver, and those cases are still pending.

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