Who is Jeremy Lin Wife: When Did He Get Married?

This year, former NBA player Jeremy Lin said that he and his wife had been dating for almost two years. In a social media message where he also congratulated his friends and followers a Happy Lunar New Year, Lin informed them about the wedding.

The modest wedding, he added, was the “highlight” of his life. The former NBA star noted that he made the decision to go public with his marriage after keeping it a secret for many years because “it has also been hard for people to not know about such a major change.”

Who is Jeremy Lin Wife?

Kristina Wong is Jeremy Lin’s wife. She performs stand-up comedy in America. She is recognized for her accomplishments as a stage performer, performance artist, and actress.

Many people all across the world regard Kristina as a feminist, and her writing also addresses issues of power, sex, and racism. The majority of the time, Kristina Wong uses satire in her writing to ridicule common Asian-American stereotypes.

Due to her recent marriage to Taiwanese-American professional basketball player Jeremy Lin, the name of the American comedian has become very popular online.

Therefore, we will discuss Kristina Wong, the wife of Jeremy Lin, her style of life, her place of employment, and her relationship with the former NBA star for the New York Knicks.

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How Did Jeremy Lin and Kristina Wong Meet?

Basketball player Jeremy Lin and comic Kristina Wong are both of Asian descent. Jeremy Lin and Kristina Wong have both remained silent over what transpired during their meeting. Jeremy and Kristina currently keep their personal affairs discreet and secret.

How Did Jeremy Lin and Kristina Wong Meet?

The Marriage of Jeremy Lin and Kristina Wong

Jeremy Lin and Kristina Wong both maintain the secrecy of their personal affairs. However, they have been dating for longer than two years. According to The New York Post, Jeremy Lin and Kristina Wong were recently married in 2023.

Lin also shared the good news with his buddies on Instagram. He claimed he had always preferred to keep his personal affairs hidden from the media and the general public.

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