A Man Was Allegedly Shot In The Head At A Clark County Bar

The initial emergency call claimed that a guy had been shot in the head at a nearby store in Clark County overnight on Saturday.

At at 1:39 a.m., the Springfield Police and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office went to the Wayside Tavern at 2288 South Yellow Springs Street in response to reports of a shooting.

Responding Springfield police were informed by dispatchers via emergency scanners that the man had apparently been shot in the head during the initial 911 call. It was “unknown if the shooter [was] still there,” but the man was “still breathing.”

Conflicting information was reported back to dispatch over scanners when police and deputies arrived. The man looked to have been shot in the head, as the 911 caller claimed, according to one crew. However, the victim was allegedly struck in the head with a baton, according to information provided to the investigating law enforcement officers.

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According to information the caller provided to dispatch, the incident “happened outside” beside the pool table.

His condition’s severity is not yet established.

According to Springfield Dispatch, the incident’s investigation was overseen by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. News Center 7 inquired for more details.

Dispatches for the city police department and the sheriff’s office were unable to validate any of the reports heard over the emergency scanners.

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