A St. Olaf Student Is Facing Felony Charges After Packaging For Pistol Magazines Was Discovered Outside The Dorms

A St. Olaf student is currently being prosecuted on a number of counts of criminal conspiracy.

Waylon Sieber Kurts, 20, of Montpelier, Vermont, was detained last week after things connected to a possibly violent threat were discovered on campus, according to Northfield police.

Kurts was accused by the prosecution of conspiring to commit second-degree assault, violence threats, making terroristic threats, and theft on Monday.

In accordance with court records, Kurts’ inquiry began after St. Olaf caretakers discovered two empty packets for high-capacity pistol magazines in a trash can outside dorm rooms on April 5 at around 11 a.m.

The packaging was identified as Kurts’, yet it was sent to a residence away from the university.

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At Kurts’ dorm room, which was later examined by members of the college’s public safety team, they allegedly discovered two knives, a tactical vest, propane canisters, gun earmuffs, pistol and rifle magazines, an empty box of ammunition, as well as other items, including a notebook.

Authorities immediately began looking for Kurts, and the next day they arrested him in front of a business in Edina.

According to the complaint, Kurt’s cellphone had text conversations with a third party about radios and different frequencies, as well as numerous discussions about guns and building rifles, as well as a picture of a box filled with rifle magazines on a school bench with the caption, “Kids’ve got no idea whats in here, haha.”

According to the complaint, they allegedly discussed purchasing pistols from unlicensed vendors.

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