Shotgun Suspect In A Smoke Shop In Harlem Is Detained And Accused Of Two Weekend Homicides

According to authorities, the suspect in a fatal weekend shooting at a smoke shop has been charged with another weekend homicide.

The 21-year-old Messiah Nantwi is charged with murdering a guy inside a smoke store in Harlem on Sunday night.

Around 8 o’clock at a store near the intersection of 125th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard, the shooter can be seen on surveillance footage.

Nine persons can be seen inside the store on the surveillance camera, including a man speaking to a man wearing a tan or yellow jacket while wearing a dark jacket with the FDNY badge.

After turning around and beginning to walk away, the victim, later identified as 36-year-old Brandon Brunson, is shot by the man in the dark jacket.

As the shot was fired, chaos broke out as several customers fled the store. Before leaving the store, the suspect started to leave but stopped and shot the victim a final time before continuing on.

He quickly came back and looked like he was reaching for Brunson’s pocket.

The victim, a 36-year-old man, was shot in the back and head. He was transferred to a local hospital, where his death was confirmed.

Between East 132nd Street and Madison Avenue on Saturday afternoon, police say Nantwi also killed a 19-year-old. In both instances, he faces murder charges.

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Nantwi was also detained in February 2021 after shooting at officers who tried to stop him and another person from spray painting graffiti in the Bronx at East 153rd Street and Elton Avenue.

He allegedly drew a revolver during the altercation and fired three rounds, according to officials. Although the officers returned fire and hit Nantwi multiple times, they were unharmed.

The court case involving that incident is still pending, and Nantwi’s next hearing is on Friday.

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