Colorado Election Denier Tina Peters Gets Home Detention And Community Service For Obstruction

After being found guilty last month of impeding a government function, Tina Peters, the former clerk of Mesa County in Colorado and the most known 2020 election skeptic in the state, was sentenced by a judge on Monday to home detention and community service.

Peters was given a four-month sentence of home confinement with an ankle monitor and must complete 120 hours of community service within a 12-month period. In addition, she was mandated to pay a $750 fine.

However, the judge immediately postponed the punishment after hearing from Peters’ attorney that an appeal will be made.

According to Harvey Steinberg, Peters’ attorney, “the DA’s request for a jail sentence after she was acquitted of the most serious allegation” startled him.

Peters was detained by Grand Junction police in February 2022 at a neighborhood store as state investigators attempted to carry out a search warrant, as previously reported by CNN.

According to a Grand Junction Police Department document, she refused to assist investigators when they attempted to take an iPad that was the subject of the search warrant.

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According to the affidavit, Peters intervened between an officer and a customer who was obstructing investigators’ access to the table. She “actively” refused as cops attempted to take her to the side, according to the affidavit.

Peters was found not guilty of obstructing a peace officer, but a jury found her guilty of misdemeanor obstruction of a government activity.

The divided decisions were made less than a year after Pam Anderson, a former Jefferson County clerk, defeated Peters in the GOP primary for secretary of state.

Peters later claimed fraud, again without any supporting documentation. One of several prominent election conspiracy theorists who ran unsuccessfully for higher office in 2022 was Peters.

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