A Student From North Threatened To Shoot And Kill A Classmate

Authorities claim that a kid at North High School threatened to have a classmate killed by gunfire. In Eau Claire County Court on Thursday, Korbin A. Gums, 18, was charged with two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct. His address is 3060 Jupiter Avenue.

Gums was given a $1,000 signing bail that forbids him from getting in touch with North High School or the accused pupils. Gums are also not allowed to use or own firearms. June 6 is Gums’ next court date.

The criminal complaint claims:

Tuesday, Gums allegedly threatened another student, according to a report given to an Eau Claire police officer stationed at North High School.

The officer was informed by a staff member at the school that Gums and two other pupils were attempting to complete a project in a class.

Because he likes him, Gums advised one of the other students not to attend class the following day. The second pupil was then informed by Gums that he was going to shoot and kill him.

Then Gums announced that he would photograph the second student and send it “to my guy.” Then, Gums pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the second student. This occurred while the students were leaving the classroom at the end of the lesson.

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The two students who were involved thought Gums had a “hitman.”

At school, the policeman was unable to speak with Gums, but later that day, he did.

Gums was told by the officer why he had approached him. Gums said that there had been “joking around” and mention of a gun. Gums claimed that there had been rumors of shootings.

During their conversation, the officer noticed that Gums would stare off into the distance and would not offer much information.

Gums faces up to six months in jail if found guilty of both charges.

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