Investigation Ongoing This Morning Into A Fire At A Vacant Residence In Colorado Springs

Firefighters from Colorado Springs are now investigating a blaze that occurred overnight at an abandoned home in southern Colorado.

A residence on Bijou, close to the intersection of I-25 and Spruce, is the location of this event.

At least three hours passed during which access to the area was denied to motorists. 11 News was told by firefighters in Colorado Springs that they received the call about a dumpster fire at approximately 3:15 in the morning. It was discovered to be a fire at a home that had been abandoned once they arrived on the scene.

According to firefighters who spoke with 11 News, fires that burn overnight are still a problem. Because the windows and doors of the residence in question were covered with plywood, it was impossible for firefighters to enter the structure. Because of this, the property was considered to be “boarded up.”

This fire did not result in any injuries to any people. The fire is still being looked into by the investigators.

11 News will provide an update to the item whenever we have further information.

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The cause of a fire that broke out in a house that had been abandoned is currently being investigated.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department was called out to put out a fire at an abandoned home at approximately 3:30 in the morning on Sunday. The home was located near Bijou and the I-25 exit. No one from the fire department has commented on whether or if there are any injuries or what started this blaze.

This article will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

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