No Charges Are Filed Against The Man Who Killed A Suspected Carjacker In Northeastern DC

Authorities announced that a man who fatally killed a suspected carjacker last week in Northeast D.C. won’t be charged.

The man, who interfered as a woman was being carjacked at a BP gas station on Kenilworth Avenue, close to the D.C.-Maryland border, was not prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The office withheld information regarding the decision’s justification.

The culprit and a woman who had pulled up to a gas station engaged in a harrowing, minute-long struggle, according to surveillance video acquired by News4. On April 13, about 11 a.m., she arrived in a white automobile, walked inside, topped off her gas tank, and left. She stayed in the car for a few minutes until a man with a metal baton and a ball hat approached her.

She resisted his request to exit the vehicle, according to the police. The two fought inside the car for the next minute and 12 seconds.

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When he noticed what was going on, a man who was having his car serviced allegedly ran over. The alleged carjacker was then viciously stabbed.

The woman rolled out of the car and slumped as the suspect fled in it. He traveled only a short distance before colliding with two more cars at Eastern Avenue.

According to a witness, the white sedan struck both the black sedan and the white pickup truck as they were both stopped at the stop sign.

The female driver of that vehicle claimed to have witnessed a man who was visibly bleeding climb out of the driver’s side window and stagger across Eastern Avenue before collapsing.

Davon Jones was recognized as the victim, who was declared dead at the spot. He was 29.

If the carjacking victim was wounded remained unclear.

According to D.C. crime data, motor vehicle theft reports have increased 105% this year so far compared to the same period last year, from 982 incidents to 2,017 reports.

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