The Doctor Accused Of Attempting To Poison His Husband With Drano Was Attempting To Kill Ants, According To Lawyer

A Southern California doctor has been charged with putting Drano in her husband’s tea. While the defendant is set to appear in court in the upcoming weeks, we are now hearing from both of the attorneys involved in the case.

Dermatologist Yue “Emily” Yu is accused of poisoning her husband with liquid drain cleaner and has been charged with three felony counts of poisoning as well as one count of domestic assault. Her attorney, however, asserts that the woman was set up by her husband.

“In order to catch her doing that, Dr. Chen essentially set her up and installed spy cameras or concealed cameras in the kitchen. He then asserted that he was poisoned “Scott Simmons, the wife’s lawyer, stated.

The Orange County District Attorney has put these photos front and center, claiming they demonstrate the mother of two dousing her husband Dr. Jack Chen’s tea with a “Drano-like substance” with the “intent to inflict him pain and suffering.”

Yet according to Yu’s attorney, it is not the scenario. He asserts that his client was swatting ants in the kitchen.

“To kill the ants, she does add Drano to the cup three times. That is uncontested. Without a doubt, she poured the Drano into the cup “Simmons remarked.

When Chen claims he “began noticing a different flavor to the tea” in April of last year, he installed a concealed camera in his home.

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According to the Orange County District Attorney, images taken on July 11, July 18, and July 25 show Yu adding something to the tea.

According to Chen’s divorce documents, he had “two stomach ulcers, gastritis, and esophagitis.”

According to Chen’s lawyer, Yu didn’t intend to murder her husband but rather to make him suffer.

“She acted in a wicked way. She made a seamless transition into his morning routine. How long it took him to recognize he was being poisoned is unknown “said the husband’s lawyer, Steve Hittelman.

If found guilty on all counts, Yu could receive eight years in prison when he is scheduled to be arraigned in the upcoming weeks. Her husband filed for divorce in the interim and is vying for sole custody of their kids.

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