Three People Have Been Arrested In Relation To The Widespread Fraudulent Cash Card Scam

Charlotte has become the destination of a national retail theft network. According to the police, three individuals used a bogus cash card to steal goods worth thousands of dollars from a Lowe’s in April.

Genevieve Curtis of Channel 9 talks about this case with Anthony Finocchio of the Organized Retail Theft Task Force.

Authoities Caught The Theft Work On Security Footage At Many Businesses

Finocchio informed Curtis that the males were involved in a larger fraud and had been seen on security footage operating this fraud at many businesses around the nation, including those in Arizona and Minnesota.

“This is the first card I’ve ever seen. It resembles a Wells Fargo credit card. It’s a completely phony card, but it appears to be real in every way. It has instructions for the clerk to punch in on the back, according to Finocchio.

According to investigators, the scheme uses bogus cards to deceive the clerk into believing the consumer is using a cash card to make the payment. Suspects leave the business with a receipt for the goods they purchased, but the register is left thousands of dollars short.

Three People Have Been Arrested In Relation To The Widespread Fraudulent Cash Card Scam

This scam’s proceeds are subsequently used to fund more unlawful endeavors.

“Retail theft has increased dramatically lately. There is more to this than just goods theft. These crimes do not have no victims. What you don’t see are the criminals and their arrest records, according to Finocchio.

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“These crimes are becoming more complex and costing businesses more money. But ultimately, it’s the customers who foot the bill,” Elizabeth Robinson of the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association said.

“As we’ve observed, these occurrences have raised both the dollar thresholds and the quantity of stolen goods. Therefore, this adds another layer that leads to higher expenses at the checkout at a time when consumers are already dealing with rising costs brought on by inflation, Robinson said.

A new state legislation with harsher punishments for organized retail theft went into force in December. Although Finnochio appreciates this instrument, he still believes that the justice system requires more responsibility.

When I look at people’s criminal records and discover that they have 150 arrests for the same offense, it baffles me, Finocchio said.

Businesses state that they lose $720,000 on average for every $1 billion in sales across the country.

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