76-year-old Resident Of A Warren Nursing Home Is Accused Of First-degree Murder

At the Crestwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Warren, a 76-year-old man has been charged with the murder of his 81-year-old roommate. The victim was found dead in their shared room.

On Thursday night, shortly after 10 o’clock, the police were called to the nursing home in response to the “sudden death of a male patient.”

Robert Hill, age 76, was charged with first-degree murder on Friday by the Warren police department in connection with the death of an unnamed victim that occurred the night before at the nursing home.

According to the transcript of the court proceeding, Magistrate J. Patrick O’Neill issued an order requiring that the defendant be detained without the possibility of posting bail and that he be subjected to a “competency evaluation.” A grand jury was instructed to hear the evidence in this case.

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According to the records filed in the case, Hill was escorted out of the room and subsequently told colleagues, “He tried to kill me first.” According to a report from WPRI-TV, “He has been trying to kill me for anywhere between five and ten years.”

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