Amidst The Ongoing Strike In Hollywood, Entertainment Companies Are Hiring Specialists In The Field Of AI

In the ongoing Hollywood strike by actors and writers, worries about the potential effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on the entertainment business have been a major factor. That hasn’t stopped businesses with studios from hiring AI experts.

The threat posed by the new and more advanced technology has raised worry, even though the strike by actors and writers reflects a wider range of concerns beyond the influence of AI on the entertainment business, including salary and benefits.

While authors have advocated for restrictions on the use of AI to compose or revise scripts, actors have expressed concerns about the use of AI to replicate an actor’s likeness and image without the actor’s agreement. Actor Bryan Cranston addressed Disney CEO Bob Iger during a rally held by SAG-AFTRA this week in Times Square.

“Our jobs won’t be eliminated and replaced by robots. We won’t allow you to take away our ability to work and make a respectable livelihood, stated Cranston. And finally, and most significantly, we won’t let you violate our sense of dignity.”

The seemingly unstoppable rise of AI and the desire to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies has led to entertainment firms continue to look for AI specialists despite the worries voiced by the striking actors and writers. In the midst of the strike, a number of studios have current job advertisements for AI and machine learning positions.

The Intercept was the first to note that Netflix has a number of job openings for product managers with pay ranges between $300,000 and $900,000 per year on its website.

In accordance with the job description, the product manager would “define the strategic vision” for Netflix’s machine learning platform and seek to “increase the leverage” of that platform throughout the organization.

A senior vice president position relating to postproduction and innovation for Disney Branded Television, which creates content for kids and families, is one noteworthy AI and machine learning listing from the company’s careers page.

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The job description calls for candidates who can “champion the constant evolution of our tools and processes across all aspects of the development pipelines,” and it offers a salary range of $270,500 to $371,900. To optimize operations like speed to market, content quality, efficiency, and cost, be on the cutting edge of technology innovations like artificial intelligence.

The Hollywood Reporter discovered a job opening at Sony for a senior research scientist and manager with expertise in AI ethics, particularly as they pertain to justice, transparency, and accountability.

The job would assist in leading a global group of research experts with bases in the United States, Japan, and Switzerland who work on “ambitious AI projects.” The salary range for the position is $170,000 to $210,000. Additionally, the manager of AI ethics would “provide advice and consultation for business units on AI ethics, managing cross-functional stakeholder relationships.”

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