The Creators Of Baldur’s Gate 3 Have Provided Us With A Sick Note To Present To Our Bosses Upon The Release Of The Enormous Role-playing Game

How many of you have missed a day of work or school to play the newest, most popular video game release? I’m certain I have. I’ll even go one better. I once refused to go out with an ex-girlfriend so that I could get and play WWF No Mercy on the Nintendo 64. She was a disgusting piece of ****, but WWF No Mercy was far more appealing.

Obviously, scheduling a day off work to play a major video game release is the ideal option. Even then, there are times when we have the attention span of a goldfish and those release dates just sneak up on us and surprise us like an RKO. The creators of Baldur’s Gate III, Larian Studios, have you covered in such a situation.

“Hello, this is Larian’s legal team. The launch is almost here. Have the forces of mandatory labor hindered YOUR Baldur’s Gate III adventure plans?” reads a tweet that was posted on the game’s official Twitter page. “You might be qualified for special accommodations. Give your boss a copy of this note; they’ll get it.”

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Although this sick note may not be legally binding, especially given the short notice, it might, in the best case, make your supervisor smile—provided they have a sense of humor. Even if you receive a formal warning for skipping work, it will still be worth it, right?

In related news, Baldur’s Gate III’s campaign will reportedly take 200 hours to finish and there are 17,000 alternative endings—sort of—in the game. The release date of Baldur’s Gate III is set for 3 August 2023 for the PC and 6 September 2023 for the PlayStation 5.

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